Monday, April 6, 2015

New Yorkers are some of the most judgmental people on earth; we like to criticize everything we come across and to point out how fabulous our own experiences have been. However, when someone judges in an unfairly harsh manner, New Yorkers come out in droves in opposition. Such was the case with Guy Fieri’s new restaurant in the theatre district.

In all fairness, we know that Times Square is a culinary wasteland filled with mediocre chains that charge exorbitant prices for forgettable meals. However, it is worth our time to at least give new, original places a chance. The vicious review of Fieri’s lovely new spot, Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar, located in the prime Broadway location seemed more like a personal vendetta than an objective review. I went there with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Yes, Fieri is a TV superstar chef but he doesn’t deserve to be vilified by Pete Wells. New Yorkers reacted by coming out in droves to support Fieri and give him another chance.

First, the tortilla soup was excellent. Go, just to try the soup. And this might be the only place in the district that doesn’t over salt the food. Ask your waiter to pace the meal according to your own schedule. If you are in a rush, getting everything at the same time makes sense. If you prefer a leisurely meal, tell your waiter that you want your dishes served accordingly. The food is certainly far superior to its ghastly neighbors and if you insist on eating near your theatre, this is the place to go. Its marvelously fun, has great attitude and has a TV charm that blows the nearby restaurants away.

And while on Broadway (really not exactly that address…the district is called “Broadway”) go see Rock of Ages. Its light, you can sing along to all of the tunes and it too is fun. I read the scathing reviews of this fabulous musical and had a grand time, as did three of my children, ages 17, 19 and 20. After being dragged to Shakespeare for years, they appreciated the humor, the cadence and the simple pleasure of music we all recognize.

On a practical note, buy your tickets from They are cheaper, don’t have ridiculous surcharges, and make it extremely easy to select your own seats.

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